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How BPM Can Break Down the Silo Barrier

Appian Contributor
November 12, 2013

Today's organizations need and expect the latest information to be ready at their fingertips in order to be efficient and productive.

The problem is many organizations keep information contained within each department. This creates separate silos that are incapable of communicating with other information and technology-wide management systems. This stifles access and creates limitations across the organization.

But organizations that deploy successful business process management solutions can help their departments collaborate and work together, which in the end will help drive better business decisions. BPM solutions can put all of the company's data processes and documents in one environment, saving employees time when they need to make critical business decisions.

Let's look at a large healthcare company that works with different insurance groups. Many of the projects they work on are managed separately, meaning they have to pass data back and forth to each other and in between departments. BPM technology can put all that separate data into one platform that organizations can then use to develop initiatives with their partners.

Rosaleen Derington, chief medical services officer of the California-based Hills Physician Medical Group, recently told Healthcare Informatics that many medical group leaders are quickly figuring out that they need to close key gaps both process- and technology-wise in order to consolidate and evaluate data.

Organizations that have BPM solutions in place can do just that.