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Gartner Ranks Appian the Only "Strong Positive" Vendor in the BPM Platform as a Service Market

Ben Farrell
December 9, 2013

Gartner has published a new report called "MarketScope for Business Process Management Platform as a Service." The report looks at vendor offerings for BPMPaaS to assess how effectively they automate, transform andmanage processes; how "cloudy" they truly are; and how well each platform delivers on the promise of Cloud BPM to accelerateapplication development and integration. In Gartner's words, "This research reveals how thesedifferences can be a roadblock to, or an accelerator of, business innovation."

Appian is the only BPM PaaS vendor to receive a "Strong Positive" rating (the highest rating possible). According to the report:

    • Appian Cloud is one of the few cloud-native BPM PaaS offering full iBPMS capabilities, including an in-memory events and analytics engine that supports real-time access to and analysis of KPIs managed by Appian Cloud or sourced from external BI systems, applications and event streams.

    • Unlike many of its competitors, the vast majority of Appian Cloud deployments involve production systems, rather than development and test environments.

    • Appian Cloud is a direct model-driven application platform that is appropriate in situations where non-IT resources will be developing and evolving significant portions of the BPM solution.

You can read a complimentary copy of the full report at:


Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell