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Forrester identifies Appian as industry leader

Tara Charles
March 15, 2013

Forrester Research recently completed itsForrester Wave: BPM Suites, Q1 2013 study and identified Appian as the market leader for business process management software.

According Forrester, Appian's worksocial solution provides a holistic solution that offers a wide array of BPM functions that can enable organizations to maximize the value of their business processes and technological investments.

Understanding the value of the study

Forrester's Wave studies are designed to provide deep analysis of a market and identify the companies pushing it forward into new areas of innovation and opportunity. It is not, in any way, a shallow look at the market. Forrester analyzes 59 criteria when assessing companies as part of the Wave evaluations. An industry leader has to not only be good in one or two areas, but capable of offering a well-rounded solution that can meet a range of business needs.

The Wave report noted that Appian was already in the upper echelon of the BPM market when the 2010 version of the BPM Wave study was completed. The company has cemented that position by continuing to improve its solution.

"Since our 2010 BPM suite Wave evaluation, Appian has extended its leadership position for mobile and social engagement," the Wave report said. "One of the unique features of Appian's social work stream is that users can take process-related actions directly from work stream events, such as completing or reassigning tasks. Additionally, in the latest version of the product Appian provides a 'records' view that allows users to view different business objects (i.e., records) and processes associated with these objects."

Considering the full value of BPM

To a great extent, BPM's value comes in its holistic nature. Many business technologies aim at solving a specific problem and do an excellent job at accomplishing that. As a result, IT leaders have to mix and match a variety of platforms to create an overarching strategy that enables operational growth. While this methodology is helpful because it allowsfor customization, it also creates an environment in which different processes and operations can easily become siloed. BPM provides the connecting web that overcomes the integration barriers between solutions, automates repeatable processes and allows corporate leaders to adjust processes to technology.

BPM software may not be a panacea,but it does provide organizations with the glue theyneedto put all of their IT strategies together to maximize their value.