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Focus on growth, not maintenance, with BPM

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
December 19, 2013

Improving operations and workflow requires constant growth and innovation, which many firms are turning to BPM software to achieve. The end result is stronger, more sustainable work processes that hold up to the test of time. Business process management is key for these efforts, and helps companies adapt in increasingly competitive markets across the globe.

The main benefit that business process management solutions brings to operations is the ability to better control operations on a grand scale. Management of everything from inventory to personnel can be enhanced through other efforts - managing the processes that tie them all together is the next, natural step in the progression of business growth. In increasing its control over every aspect of operations, a business can focus its efforts more accurately, fine tuning its processes and enhancing stability and agility at the same time.

In order to achieve these end goals and set the foundation for future improvements, companies need to invest in the high-quality BPM tools necessary to turn their workforce around.

Boost collaborative efforts

One of the main ways a business can enhance its operations is to focus on collaboration. Getting employees to work closely together as a team will enhance productivity and efficiency. However, this requires high-quality platforms, such as social BPM, to provide the tools for sharing information and keeping tasks in order. Improved process management will help workers and managers keep tabs on progress while optimizing workflow as needed.

Consolidate workflow

In addition to the optimization of processes, BPM software helps companies automate basic tasks and consolidate actual tasks so that workers can prioritize and get their jobs done faster, freeing up more time for critical work. The additional support of native socialfunctionality will help leverage BPM efforts in ways that engage employees and help them prioritize their own tasks, which can help boost productivity as well.

Task management

The refocusing of workflow toward a more productive, economic order will give businesses improved task management capabilities that don't just keep employees on track and optimized, but allows them to work smarter, rather than harder. This goes beyond basic operations to major company events as well, and allows a firm to streamline meetings, trade shows, client demonstrations and more.

With every aspect of operations being improved by high-quality BPM, these tools become more of an essential aspect of workflow, rather than a luxury. In order to ensure a competitive edge, businesses need to establish their own use case for BPM software and invest as needed.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing