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Enable an Agile Enterprise with Mobile BPM

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
July 18, 2013

Mobile BPM software applications drive more than just process efficiency. They empower professionals to make smarter decisions and take faster, better business actions by providing the relevant, timely information they need to do their job, regardless of where they work. Important customer interactions and critical decisions take place in the field daily. Every interaction, decision, and action defines a company's reputation and determines its success. In a world where a customer can walk into a store and use a mobile device to price compare products, employees need to be equally empowered with information to win the sale.Download Appian's Mobile BPM whitepaperto learn more.

Appian's mobile BPM combines the delivery of enterprise information, tasks, records, reports, and actions in a single interface. Using Appian, knowledge workers can see and search data across different systems, collaborate, make intelligent decisions, and take immediate actions that drive enterprise processes to achieve business success.In addition, the comprehensiveAppianBPM Suite includescase managementandenterprise social softwarefor enterprisecollaboration. A wide variety of industries have field personnel making important, process-driven business decisions every day that could benefit from mobile access, including:

Organizations across industries have field personnel interacting with customers, trusting them to make informed decisions to drive business success in various processes. An insurance claims adjuster, for example, must evaluate a claim in the field, gather information from parties involved and update the case, make a business decision, then recommend follow-up actions based on business rules and corporate policies. The adjuster may also need to access collective knowledge and collaborate with other workers in headquarters or in other regional offices to complete a claim.

Mobile access to insurance case information, pending tasks, customer records, claim reports and related documents would allow the adjuster to make an immediate and better informed decision in the field, while increasing the efficiency of the overall claim process through mobile actions. This example of mobile BPM has a number of positive and measurable business outcomes, including:

    • Higher customer satisfaction and retention

    • More accurate and complete claims information

    • Decreased claims processing cycle times

    • Fewer process exceptions and risky claims

Explore Appian's Mobile BPM capabilities and read Appian's Mobile BPM whitepaperto findout how you could empower mobile professionals to work more effectively and enable an agile enterprise.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng