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Driving Innovation from the Lessons of the Past: Washington Post Profiles Appian CEO

Staff, Appian
August 5, 2013

The Washington Postrecently profiled Appian CEO Matt Calkins on his love of history and how he attributes some of his success in running Appian to his analysis of business and cultural history. Appian's hallmark is innovation, and the company is guided by Matt's singular vision. It would be easy to assume that his focus is exclusively on the future. However, Matt sees tremendous value in drawing upon historical perspective to inform his decisions in leading Appian, our customers, and our industry into a future of new possibilities.

Matt cites lessons learned from business biographies such as the late Chairman of General Motors, Alfred Sloan's autobiography "My Years With General Motors."

Jeffrey MacMillan/For The Washington Post

Matt finds great resonance with how the software industry is evolving today.

Mike Ingrisano