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Don't wait to embrace BPM

Ben Farrell
July 26, 2013

Business process management (BPM) solutionsarequickly becoming the go-to solutions for optimizing operations and easing adoption ofother key enterprise trends like cloud computing, social business and mobility. However, according to the Formtek Blog, many BPM vendors are struggling to keep up with the evolution of the computing platform.

"A large factor in slow growth across BPM and middleware was the failure of large vendors to deliver PaaS offerings that met the growing appetite for cloud-based automation," said Vice President of IDC's BPM research, Maureen Fleming. "Cloud was the single biggest factor separating market share gainers from share losers." This is in part due to a lack of understanding among companies as to how much BPM software will enhance operations.

It isn't simply a matter of optimizing overall workflow, but improvingindividual processes. Many firms focus on the big picture, when they can get better results by looking to the smaller factors that make up the overarching need. New offerings within the cloud and mobile environments offer additional ways to achieve success and reach the process management goals that businesses set.

Cloud BPM

Optimizing operations with cloud BPM software allows companies to not only boost workflow, but do so in a way that encompasses the flexibility and scalability of cloud services. This optimizes BPM in much the same way that SaaS solutions enhance other areas of operations. At the same time, companies have to consider the right tools that will integrate with workflow seamlessly. Not all cloud solutions are of the same quality, and finding the best software for the job is key.

Mobile BPM

On the other hand, with mobility trends on the rise, companies can gain the same flexibility benefits from mobile BPM solutions. However, mobility ensures anywhere access, even when an internet connection isn't available, and optimizes BPM solutions for the customization of IT, a trend many companies are already seeing within their workforce.

Both solutions are effective, but often,only one will fit perfectly with a firm's operations, and it is up to a business to select the Appian BPM platform that will streamline the improvements to automated process management effortlessly. With the right tools at hand, no business will be able to find an adequate excuse to avoid embracing the advantages that BPM software provides.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications