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CME Group Appian World 2012 [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 15, 2013

John Verburgt Director of BPM CME Group and Brian Toba Director of regulatory and exchange business systems discuss their use of Appian's BPM Software to achieve true process improvement within their Product Launch process.

When we began the endeavor of process improvement within the organization, our upper management wanted a consistent approach to any process improvement that we did. Managers wanted continuous improvement, to see the process end to end and to define their process.

The issues that management wanted to address included:

- They were managing processes for which they had no visibility

- They spent too much time managing via email

- There was a performance breakdown

Why id CME Group choose the New Product Launch process as the debut product for Appian's BPM Software? They Wanted to see if Appian BPM had any staying power. The Product Launch process is repeated thousands of times within the company, so this was a way for the software to make a big splash right away.

Overall feedback on the implementation was hugely positive. Managers found that the system worked providing a great deal of feedback on the processes that needed to be fixed and thus the organization could really being to implement true process improvement.