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Cloud, mobile and local joined at the hip

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
October 2, 2013

Improving business processes requires specific applications of evolving technology. Cloud computing can greatly enhance productivity by improving access and flexibility of systems, while mobility solutions provide new ways to work, from any location. However, many companies still need local solutions to help improve workflow and center their processes as well, which means that firms still require a personalized touch that many feel the cloud and mobility cannot supply.

The "Three Laws of Modern Applications" theory supports these user cases. According to Appian CEO Matt Calkins, the theory states that all combinations of local/cloud and desktop/mobile should be available, all iterations of the application should have the same look and same feature set and that transitioning between iterations should be easy. This means that no matter how a business approaches improving its operations, it has to optimize those tools across all three platforms and ensure equal usability.

By embracing cloud, mobile and social initiatives, companies will get the best of all three worlds, but they have to ensure the same user experience exists across all three or employees will favor one over the others and ROI will be lost. Investing in high-quality BPM solutions will optimize usability and eliminate this risk for a firm.

With BPM software that integrates cloud, mobile and social solutions, enterprises can streamline the collaboration between all three and maximize the benefits. Additionally, these efforts will serve to boost access to all of the process management tools workers need at any given time, regardless of location or which device they are using. With modern applications that take current and future technology improvements into consideration, businesses will get the support they need and the advances necessary to continue growing.

Ultimately, by taking a proactive approach to business process management, companies will be mobilizing, socializing and supporting their data and process needs for greater all-around gains. This will result in increased ROI through multiple factors, rather than relying on a single advantage to boost revenues.

The innovations in cloud, mobile and social business are leading the way toward collaborative and efficient workflow. Embracing them with the right process management software to support these improvements will serve to deliver growth in a neat package and maintain those enhancements even after results begin to be seen.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing