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BPM software sector poised for innovation in 2013

Ben Farrell
January 22, 2013

Business process management software has emerged as a valuable asset for many organizations, giving them the integration and automation capabilities they need to support process improvement. In the coming year, many organizations will be able to benefit from advanced BPM capabilities, as the software evolves to support more advanced functionality. According to a recent study from AVIO Consulting, BPM solutions are progressing to support new types operations, particularly in terms of doing a better job of improving mobile and intelligent BPM operations.

Emerging segments of the BPM sector

The study found that advanced mobile functionality will be a major part of the BPM industry's evolution. While BPM solutions to support better mobile functionality arealready present, solutions have to be refined. This is difficult, however, as there are not enough standards for typical mobile operations or security solutions in the sector. In the past, these issues have slowed the development of advanced mobile functions in BPM solutions. This is going to change in 2013, as the progress of mobile device use in the enterprise creates considerable demand for advanced BPM platforms that support operational needs.

Intelligent BPM will also gain better functionality in light of the growing need for advanced solutions in business settings. According to the news source, intelligent BPM provides real-time mobile, social and data analysis, givingorganizations with the ability to operate more strategically and make better analytics decisions. This type of functionality will also help businesses develop and achievemore complex operational goals. This is accomplished by providing a greater level of intelligence within the entire company ecosystem, ranging from back-office IT systems to end user applications.

The study explained that BPM's evolution in 2013 will add to the benefits that organizations already gain from BPM solutions. The technology is already providing cost benefits and helping organizations improve process functionality. The advanced capabilities gaining prominence in 2013 will add to the flexibility and agility companies experience when employing BPM.

Making the most of BPM

Maximizing the benefits associated with BPM technology often requires taking a holistic approach to deploying the solution. Implementing BPM can improve processes by aligning business and IT functionality. Getting the most out of such systems becomes easier when organizations are able to use the technology in as many phases of operations as possible. BPM's maturation is making this easier by giving companies access to more robust cloud, social and mobile functionality.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications