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BPM software can carry companies through change

Ben Farrell
April 10, 2013

Dealing with change is one of the greatest challenges that businessesface on a day-to-day basis. In some ways, managing change is the greatest challenges that corporate leaders face. Business process management principles enable organizations to make intelligent decisions about which processes they can change to improve operations. Once the right decisions have been made, business process management software can help companies foster change in a way that maximizes operational growth.

Using BPM software to support change

The problem with change is that it almost always disrupts operations. Many workers have established routines that get them through the day. When many people go into the office they often know what they have to get done, have a routine that they like to follow and will adjust their habits over time if they find they are unable to do their job effectively. As a result, introducing a new technology or business process can put workers in a difficult position because it may threaten establishedroutines. Managing the change to new processes effectively is essential, so employees can experience minimal disruption and take full advantage of the opportunity created by process innovation.

BPM software is designed to use technology to streamline process completion. As a result, employees facing difficult changes can be shown how to use the software to collaborate more efficiently and access the data they need without jumping through too many technological hoops. This can help workers see the value of the new technologies and processes and be more willing to deal with disruption. However, getting employees to embrace process and technological changes is not always easy. Having a group of solution champions in place can ease this process.

Taking advantage of BPM champions

Training a few workers in the nuances of a BPM solution can do wonders for deployment throughout the company. If one or two individuals in each department can take on a leadership role and help employees see how much the technology can improve their day, the likelihood of having the process changes accepted can increase. Easing change is critical, and getting employees to embrace the benefits of BPM software can make it much easier to handle change without disruption.

Workers can begin using innovative solutions or new methods as quickly as possible when change is handled efficiently. This can maximize the value of new strategies and create revenue opportunities.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications