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BPM Enterprise Transformation Takes Form at Mobile Applications Symposium

Staff, Appian
September 25, 2013

The mobile revolution ischangingthe way we do work. For business, each of our mobile devices serves as a computer in our pockets that must be fast and efficient to meet mission critical goals and complete tasks. The mobile revolution has had such an impact on the way we work that many people would rather work on their smartphones despite having the desktop staring them in the face.

As smartphone and tablets play a larger role in everyday business processes, the challenge is at an all-time high for the modernization, productivity, and innovation of mobile application development. As Gartner research shows, some 60 percent of enterprises plan to build private enterprise app stores by 2014, up from10 percentin 2012. On-premise applications will need to be optimized for mobile access and provide enablement on popular interfaces, and developers will need to weigh the pros and cons of native applicationsversus HTML5 development.

Appian is proud to sponsor Computerworld's The Power of Mobile Apps Symposium, taking place tomorrow in San Francisco, CA. This eventwill address enterprise-wide topics and more as attendees learn the latest, proven best practices around mobile application development, distribution, governance, and integration. Networking opportunities will be sure toyield informative dialogue sessions between stakeholders and industry experts regarding the state of mobile development and what innovations the future holds.

The symposium will address the following topics:

ï Mobile app development

ï Enterprise app stores, app libraries

ï App policies and governance

ï Integration


Appian isa leader in mobile enterprise application developmentand its place in the on-the-go business world is crucial. Appian recognizes theimportance the modern businessworker puts on their mobile devices, and howthey must be just as fast and efficient as the desktop, if not better. The modern mobile applicationmust ensure reliable functionality, real-time updates, and access to important data from any location.

Using Appian's native mobile applications, users are empowered to communicate, take action, track events, and integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and database systems.Businesses needquality BPM platforms,and native mobile apps lead to better collaborationand efficiency of mission critical tasks, no matter where the work takes place.

Be sure to learn more aboutmobile strategies forbusiness processes by downloading Appian's whitepaper on accelerating enterprise performance with mobile BPM.

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano