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BPM can help companies maximize value of knowledge

Tara Charles
March 12, 2013

Business process innovation is among the most important goals for many companies. The current economic climate offers potential for long-term sustainable revenue growth, but only if organizationscan adjust to the many operational realities that have changed since the recession. Business process management software can provide companies with the necessary tools they need to streamline process innovation and gain an edge over the competition in a recovering economy.

The value of process innovation

Knowledge is often considered one a business' greatest assets. The expertise of workers, the data gathered from customers and industry analysts, the information that moves through the network and the application data generated by employees are all among the most important things a business can use. However, taking advantage of knowledge depends on process that allows for data sharing and streamline workflows that turn information into action as efficiently as possible. According to a recent IT Pro report, BPM software can provide organizations with the capabilities they need to maximize the value of their knowledge.

For most companies, processes serve as the avenue upon which knowledge flows in and out of an organization, the news source explained. In some cases, processes are well documented, automated when possible and streamlined to support operational needs. In others, processes are fragmented and disorganized. This can create major problems. For example, processes that an individual worker uses, but does not tell people about, could end up not getting done at all when that employee leaves.This could leave businesses unable to replicate a successful process environment. Perhaps more problematic, such issues would likely go unnoticed until a major incident occurs, adding to complications.

Processes have to bemanaged effectively if organizations want to use knowledge successfully. The report explained that capturing and documenting processes is key, and BPM solutions provide exactly what they say they can - the ability to unify technology and people to maximize the value of knowledge through process innovation.

Employing BPM for operational success

Cloud computing, social media and mobile device use are changing how companies handle knowledge. As workers take advantage of these technologies, the way they use processes to support operations has to shift accordingly. BPM platforms provide the integration and automation necessary to enable employees to maximize the value of IT capabilities and turn their knowledge into efficient processes that create revenue opportunities.