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BPM boosts ECM success rates

Ben Farrell
December 16, 2013

Electronic content management is a key way for businesses to enhance their control over their data, systems and workflow. However, discrepancies can affect the success of ECM deployment, and firms can suffer if a wrong step is taken during initial adoption or well afterward during normal operations. However, implementing high-quality business process management solutions can ease these efforts and optimize the use of ECM in any industry.

ECM systems allow companies to manage every data-related aspect of operations on a more fine-tuned level. This can improve workflow, communications, collaboration and automation by providing a more organized, efficient information system. However, the success of these tools is based on the premise that companies already have smooth workflow in the areas that control data creation, gathering, management, storage and delivery. If this isn't the case, the actual information being processed can create problems within the system and break down success rates noticeably.

In order to avoid this potential issue and optimize operations both before and after ECM adoption, companies should consider BPM software. Process management solutions allow companies to streamline specific areas of workflow, as well as overall operations, around their technology and unique process needs. This boost to operational efficiency will help them adopt automation, improve the flow of information between processes and optimize the variation from action to result, or in most businesses' case, action to data.

With high-quality BPM solutions in place, enterprises will be able to refocus workflow around the tools at their disposal, the energy within the workplace and the employees they have, rather than forcing people into roles they may not fill as well. By turning to the way things already work and improving them there, rather than trying to change everything from the ground up, companies can enhance their efforts in specific areas, such as data control.

Ultimately, ECM solutions may not be a necessity for every business. However, the power of a BPM suite can add significantly to enterprise operations and provide positive change for companies that need it. By selecting the right tools for the job, a firm can enhance its workflow and refocus efforts on the proper use of its own resources, furthering the gains and ROI found. Without the right foundation to launch any of these efforts from, however, companies will continue to fall short of their goals.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell