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BPM and intranet integration can pay off for companies

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
April 16, 2013

Many businesses are structured into clear divisions, such as departments, work groups and other team-like entities that can work in conjunction with one another to get the job done. While this method for forming operations works well from many perspectives, it also makes it difficult to complete processes that cross departmental boundaries. Using information effectively and enabling better communication and collaboration can go a long way toward helping companies achieve operational gains. Business process management software solutions that work in conjunction with company intranet solutions can go a long waytoward helping companies achieve their functional goals, SYS-CON Media reported.

The role of intranet systems and BPM

Regardless of whether a company is using a cloud, mobile or social BPM solution, the technology helps it align business process goals with the technological solutions used by employees. This can be done by automating process completion notifications across departments to streamline communication. Process management solutions can also cross functional boundaries in an organization to ensure that processes involving multiple entities are handled as efficiently as possible. This can be extremely beneficial for companies as they depend more on cloud, mobile and social technologies. According to the news source, companies can benefit substantially by combining these capabilities with the corporate intranet system.

The report explained that company intranets have become centers for information dispersal throughout an organization. Many companiesuse intranets to share information in one direction, from a source to an audience. In some cases, intranets are used to foster communication, which the news source defines as transmitting knowledge in both directions, back and forth from a source and recipient. Enabling collaboration, however, can be a major challenge. Collaboration involves creating an open and shared work environment, which involves combining information transmission and collaboration with business process goals and technological capabilities.

Enabling collaboration is possible when organizations are able to use BPM suites alongside intranet solutions to streamline the flow of information and ensure that workers gain access to what they need to perform processes as efficiently as possible.

Taking advantage of process automation

BPM software offers value, to a great extent, because it allows businesses to automate many process functions in light of communication and collaboration requirements. Process automation handles many of the tedious information transmission tasksfoundational to collaboration, but difficult to deal with. Automating these processes can enable organizations to complete processes efficiently and create new revenue opportunities.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing