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Big data explosions mean heavier focus on efficiency for businesses

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
December 16, 2013

The big data market is expected to exceed $16 billion in 2014, the fastest growth rate the IT industry has ever seen. IDC's recent research on this topic indicates this increase will be six times faster than the rest of the IT industry.

According to SYS-CON Media, however, this isn't the only change coming in 2014 for business IT. Cloud infrastructure investments are expected to increased at an astonishing rate, reaching a CAGR of 50 percent from 2013 to 2017, while security concerns will also take over significant portions of enterprise budgets.

With big data and the cloud expected to be major investment points for companies for the next few years it is critical for firms to invest in solutions to streamline their efficiency and productivity at the same time. Investing in high-quality BPM solutions will help firms adapt to the increased toll these trends will place on operations, and a cloud BPM investment will ensure that companies are optimizing their efforts in this particular arena.

Big data BPM

BPM plays an important role in big data investments because it helps companies adapt and overcome certain challenges, such proper utilization of their processes and technologies to focus data where it has the most value. By properly utilizing BPM solutions to their advantage, companies can avoid many hurdles, expedite the ROI of the big data trend and ensure they are maximizing their use of analytics whenever possible.

Cloud BPM

Increased need for cloud investments isn't news to many firms, but the potentials that cloud BPM solutions unlock may be. Businesses have to ensure they are utilizing cloud services to their full potential, and business process management tools deliver the application development resources needed in a scalable, flexible way so that professionals can achieve these goals regardless of where or when they work.

IT investments often take a backseat to workflow optimization, but they are the key to unlocking those improvements in most instances. The benefits of integrating high-quality BPM software with everyday operations will quickly deliver the efficiency and productivity firms need to see when focusing on growth. As the big data trend is having such a major influence on business decision making at this time and into the new year, now is the perfect time to adopt new BPM solutions to usher in improved ways of handling data and the processes that use it.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing