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Appian World attendance reaches record levels

Ben Farrell
May 29, 2013

The Appian World conference gives organizations a unique opportunity to get together and talk about ways to get the most out of Appian business process management solutions. This represents a key chance to develop innovative strategies based on what other companies have done, and find more creative ways to deal with the convergence of cloud, mobile and enterprise social technologies. The growing need for such robust BPM deployments is becoming clear, as this year's Appian World conference was attended by the largest audience of any prior Appian World event.

Appian World 2013 had approximately 750 registrants, and it was not an event highly attended by a small number of organizations from isolated industries. Instead, more than 225 different companies, from 18 different industries were represented. This attendance showcases the wide-reaching value of BPM software in just about every type of company. Further, BPM solutions are necessary in a variety of global areas, as companies present at the conference came from 17 different countries.

Understanding the value of BPM technologies

BPM platforms have become prominent because they create a foundation for organizational change. The release detailing Appian World's success explained that solutions like Appian's worksocial? platformcombine the business processes that are often segregated by technology and organizational barriers. This leads to major shifts in how employees work, allowing them to collaborate more effectively and use the various cloud, mobile and social systems at their disposal better.Appian CEO Matt Calkins explained that, to a great extent, Appian's BPM solution stands out because it enables organizations to develop innovative work strategies.

"Appian customers and partners are true innovators who are using our platform to transform operations, engage customers and drive growth," said Calkins. "Appian World 2013 was a showcase for the next stage of modern business process management."

Getting employees to embrace business change

While the operational innovation brought about by BPM projects can be exciting, and the more end-users are involved in the design of the new system, the more rapidly the new system will be adopted. There are a few ways to deal with this challenge. Organizations trying to get workers behind BPM may want to consider getting more employees involved in planning, developing departmental champions, clearly showing how the technology benefits them and releasing the solution in isolated pilot projects that create excitement, as different work groups benefit from the system and word spreads about its potential.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications