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Appian customer to showcase iBPM solution

Ben Farrell
March 28, 2013

Gartner has identified intelligent business process management solutions as the future of the broad BPM industry. In a number of studies and blog posts, Gartner has established iBPM as a potential solution to help companies align all of their data-focused technologies and business process goals to streamline operations and create major revenue opportunities. However, iBPM is fairly young and is difficult to know exactly what to expect from the technology. Appian customer EDP Renewables will help change this by talking about how it has used iBPM systems from Appian to fuel operational improvements. EDP Renewables will present the results of its iBPM investments at the upcoming Gartner BPM Summit.

EDP Renewables and iBPM

EDP Renewables has found considerable success using BPM softwareto establish an iBPM solution that has contributed to major process gains. The organization has accomplished this through a combination of iBPM process innovation and worksocial, which focuses on the improving collaboration by integrating social functions into business processes. As a wind turbine operator, EDP Renewables has a large number of wind farms spread around North America, making collaboration a challenge.As a result, it has faced major challenges getting data from its wind turbine issue management system to field workers who have to make repairs.

Appian's iBPM platform has helped EDP Renewables streamline workflows between the turbine issue management system and field workers allowing technicians to get maintenance and repair data in real time. Further, the solution enables engineers to access the most important data immediately, allowing them to quickly identify the most important problems to deal with and complete key processes as efficiently as possible.

The EDP Renewables presentation will be made as part of Appian's Solution Provider Session at the event.

Considering BPM for geographically diverse organizations

Companies in renewable energy, natural resources, oil and gas, raw materials and other sectors that depend on geographically diverse operations can benefit substantially from BPM as a collaboration enabler. BPM solutions ensure that the right data is delivered to the correct people, and in the best context possible. This context point is key, as the rise of mobile and social technologieshasled many organizations gathering information that is vital, but difficult to track back to its original context. By maintaining that perspective, BPM software offers considerable process-improvement potential.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications