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Appian among leaders in mobile BPM sector

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
February 12, 2013

The mobile business process management software market is a relativelyimmature sector that still has a lot of room to grow. However, many experts agree that mobile device use is rising substantially in the enterprise, creating an environment in which vendors are beginning to ramp up their mobile BPM development efforts to support changing market dynamics. A recent EnterpriseAppsToday report analyzing the progression of mobile-focused BPM solutions identified Appian as the leading vendor in the industry.

Appian's role in mobile BPM sector

The news source explained that Appian is well settled at the top of the mobile BPM marketand is setting the industry pace.This puts Appian in a good position,as industry expertSteve Brasentold EnterpriseAppsToday that solutions that align mobile applications with business workflows are becoming more important.

"Up until recently, mobile devices were principally employed as supplements to desktops and laptops," Brasen told the news source. "However, improvements in device architectures and software are beginning to blur the lines between use cases for tablets and laptops."

Sandy Kemsley, an independent BPM consultant, told EnterpriseAppsToday that Appian's mobile BPM systems are at the top of most industry lists and the Tempo solution is a major reason why.

"Appian is a bit unique by providing Tempo for a universal non-custom mobile application," Kemsley told the news source. "It's not going to work for everything, especially not complex situations, but it does get the casual user up and running a lot faster."

Kemsley added that Appian's solutions stand out because they do a good job of maximizing the native applications of a diverse range of mobile devices and operating systems. Furthermore, the BPM software platform's ability to integrate with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems goes a long way toward enabling better notification and request capabilities.

Considering the importance of mobile BPM architectures

As the bring-your-own-device movement grows and more businesses depend on mobile device use, the need to adapt processes in light of the technology increases. This is especially true as cloud and mobile systems become intertwined in many settings. BPM software plays a vital role in helping companies take their technology investments and apply them to workflows to maximize value. As a result, the return on investment from such solutions can be substantial. ROI can rise quickly in through mobile BPM because the solution gives companies the tools they need to monetize mobile device use.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing