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Amazon Appian World 2012 [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 15, 2013

Teresa Carlson, VP Global Public Sector for Amazon talks about how Amazon uses Appian's Cloud BPM solution to automate a number of mission-critical financial processes.

IT is changing and the way you take advantage of IT is changing. Cloud computing is becoming more important every day. Cloud computing provides utility service, on demand, ready to go, with 100% availability. Access these cloud services is fast and easy.

Amazon has a triangle relationship with Appian. Appian is a customer of Amazon and Amazon is a customer of Appian. As well, there is a strategic partnership between the two companies. Appian is one of Amazon's top federal and commercial solution providers.

Appian runs their own business using cloud services. They then provide, to their clients, the ability to use a client or cloud application to access Appian BPM Software.

42% of Appian's business is on cloud services. They are a global service provider and works with Amazon on a global scale. has many processes. They are currently using Appian to automate a number of financial processes. These processes were highly manual and became too server intensive. Thus, they automated these processes using Appian Cloud BPM.