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Address Process Challenges in Pharma With BPM

Appian Contributor
June 4, 2013

Process is at the core of developing, producing, and marketing pharmaceuticals, but the processes are always changing. Whether due to the discovery of better approaches or adaptation to changing government compliance mandates, pharma companies need applications that can easily evolve.

By streamlining those processes, companies can speed clinical trials, strengthen research and development, ease compliance and improve success rates. That's where business process management software from Appian can be the catalyst for positive change.

First, BPM can help pharmaceutical firms adapt to regulatory demands. The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act has created numerous compliance demands, such as the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. Appian's BPM software can help firms automate compliance and simplify Sunshine Act reporting, to reduce workloads and create an easily auditable record.

BPM software can also streamline administrative processes. Too often, clinical trials are delayed due to the varied requirements workers have. Investigator process approvals and clinical trial case management also take a great deal of time. By automating those processes, companies can skip tedious tasks and focus on what matters.

Appian's BPM software can also play crucial roles in the clinical trials themselves. In the case of adverse events or safety planning, there are a number of steps pharmaceutical companies must take in addition to the mandated reporting requirements.

Participants must be given the proper care, and their conditions tracked to see the end results. That information must then be fed back to others to make the rest of the trial efficient. Appian BPM software enhances pharmacovigilance processes for faster detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects.

In the end, these gains, driven by Appian BPM software, can help pharmaceutical firms leverage information quickly and effectively, driving efficient processes and greater success.