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A Different Kind of Leadership for a Different Kind of Company

Staff, Appian
September 11, 2013

It's been a busy past few weeks for Appian in the news, as The New York Times recently profiledourCEO Matt Calkins, on his love of board games, as well as the road traveled for founding Appian. This article comes on the heels of The Washington Post'sprofile of Matt late lastmonth. These articles examined Matt's passion for history and board games, giving insight into how those activities have informed Appian's development and continued growth.

Our CTO Michael Beckley was also recently profiled on as exemplifying "A New Kind of Tech Leader." This new kind of leadership is predicated on creating a unique culture as a means to creating unique software.

As Mike says in the piece, "I think a new technology leader is someone who thinks as deeply about people and culture as about the technology tools to institutionalize new business models. Mobile and social technologies are transforming every company and every industry, confronting business leaders with a need to understand the changing expectations of their customers and their employees and how to interact with them. I believe this requires focusing more broadly on the kind of culture and team you have and how to foster a culture of collaboration and a flatter business model than we've ever seen before."

Appian's position as the global leader in BPM software innovation is the result of the innovative perspectives our executive leadership team brings to the company and the market. Whether it's how Matt draws upon historical lessons to lead Appian, or how Mike spends up to 80 percent of his time on recruiting, theseare not the boring old executive profiles we have all seen before.

We set out to be innovative and different from the mainstream. We deliver software solutions that allow our customers to create totally new and modern ways to work and create value. Be sure to catch up on all the latest Appian coverage in our company news section. We've secured an impressive list of articles, but there is more to our story still to be told!

Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano