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3 reasons BPM matters

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
August 7, 2013

Business process management is a key consideration for any company in today's increasingly competitive markets.

"Either you're in control of your business processes or they are in control of you," Brian Vinson, and industry expert, recently told ebizQ. "You manage your suppliers, revenue, cash flows, inventory, distribution and personnel. Why would you not manage the processes that make sure all these things work together effectively?"

Being in control of every aspect of business operations is key because it helps firms advance growth while enhancing their security and ability to recover from risks and natural disasters. A company that has high-quality BPM software installed will be able to get its base operations up and running after a hurricane much faster than one that doesn't. While many firms may not see the need to fix something that isn't broken, as the adage goes, there is always room for improvement.

However, in order to establish a strong purchasing decision when it comes to investing in BPM software, it can help to understand what some of the main benefits are:

Optimize workflow

For many professionals, having access to modern BPM tools will help optimize workflow by providing improved task management. The automation of task management can boost worker awareness of what they need to do and help prioritize the work day. Additionally, managers will be able to audit reports on task completion in order to see which employees are doing the jobs and which are slacking off, or for which these efforts are more effective.

Boosting collaboration

Collaboration in the workplace is a prime way to enhance productivity and efficiency. This requires communication and quality social BPM software can provide the tools necessary to connect professionals and help them work together more effectively. Additionally, with integrated task management, this will allow workers to keep tabs on their teams and optimize who performs what tasks in a project.

Keeping events in order

In addition to work tasks, businesses will be able to better schedule and manage major events, such as meetings, training or similar company activities. This will help professionals organize their day and provide advanced warning when collaborating or scheduling client meetings and the like.

Appian BPM solutions provide a critical answer to workplace organization and efficiency needs through better process management and overall optimization of workflow. Rather than focusing on each task individually, firms will be able to optimize everything at once and get on with actual work faster.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross