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3 benefits of mobile BPM

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
November 25, 2013

Mobile enterprise solutions promote a "business on the go" mindset that many companies can benefit from. From improving customer relationships to boosting employee productivity, introducing mobility can bring a plethora of rewards, firms simply have to invest in the right mobile BPM solutions to support their workflow needs.

Business process management solutions are critical for operational success today due to high competition in almost every industry. From finance to health care, introducing high-quality BPM software can enhance operations and minimize downtime in the workplace by helping to automate basic processes, freeing up employees to focus on critical tasks more effectively. When considering investing in mobile BPM solutions, however, companies have to face the 3 primary benefits these solutions offer.

Faster planning

Not only is general productivity increased, but the planning periods that company leaders need to take to better prepare themselves and employees for new strategies, product launches and other critical areas of operations are enhanced as well. By speeding up and improving planning periods. Companies will be minimizing downtime between projects and times of high productivity, keeping employees working at full steam more frequently and producing greater returns will less burnout.

Increased profit

Going mobile with BPM can have a direct impact on ROI, as firms will be able to harness the power of both mobile solutions and process management software to boost overall profits. This delivers increased returns over the use of one solution over the other, while driving the advantages of both. Optimizing process management through mobility also delivers significant improvements in accessibility and improves employee focus by providing remote working and related benefits.

Improved access to information

With mobile solutions, professionals' access to key information improves, regardless of their location. This allows workers to check data more easily during meetings, on the road or from home when it becomes critical, while minimizing the hassle to do so. This is particularly important for BPM, as it helps deliver increased quality of operations anywhere, anytime.

With the combined benefits of mobile and BPM, companies can drive productivity and ROI, getting more out of both investments than individually. The optimized returns will help deliver an increased quality of service that a firm may not see otherwise, and boost business efficiency, ensuring that the company gets the most out of its other technological deployments as well.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing