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3 benefits driven by Appian 7

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
December 2, 2013

Appian 7, the latest BPM software platform from the leading company, brings business process management to new levels with full integration of cloud, mobile and social initiatives together with the new self-assembling interface layer solution. With this new capability, which allows developers to deploy a process across multiple channels at once, ensures swift and efficient operations for developers in any industry, from IT to finance.

"Today, BPM needs to work with cloud, mobile and social, and leverage these new technologies to deliver customers a more flexible platform that lets them change processes to improve experience, improve results or simply get more insight about individual processes, customers and transactions," Malcolm Ross, Appian's vice president of product marketing, told Integration Developer News.

Ross's stance on the necessity of integrating cloud, mobile and social into a single BPM solution is backed up by a recent Gartner report, which noted how these three technologies are essential for creating a technology-immersed environment due to their convergence "as a result of human behavior." SAIL processes support this approach by ensuring that users can deploy their apps on any web browser and mobile device simultaneously, bringing cloud, mobile and social another step closer together.

The improvements provided with Appian 7 can be broken down to areas that all businesses need to focus on to ensure process growth and improvement - navigation, orchestration and collaboration.


The ability to easily browse and search for data from a single access point is an essential factor in BPM success, and firms that invest in the right solution to deliver ease of navigation will better support employee productivity and efficiency by doing so.


The integration of enterprise social BPM strategies with the process management platform will ensure seamless integration of employees with all the data and processes they need to access in order to get their jobs done efficiently. This approach better supports other business initiatives as well, such as unified communication and collaboration and internal networking.

Process Orchestration

Scalable efficiency is another critical piece of the puzzle for businesses looking to optimize their workflow. By investing in tools that better support the integration of apps and processes together, companies can boost usability and ROI across the board.

The combined advantages of social, mobile and cloud BPM support expanded need for growth and opportunity in the workplace, and businesses can ill afford to miss out on these chances to improve.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing