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VA developing new online career center

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
July 20, 2012

The Department of Veterans Affairs, at the behest of President Obama, has developed a new online career center designed to help veterans find civilian jobs more easily, the Washington Post reported.

Translating military experience into a civilian job can be a challenge, but the VA is working to help veterans overcome the difficulties associated with the task by giving them the resources they need to create better resumes and keep all of their employment records in a single place. To accomplish this daunting task, the VA partnered with a diverse range of partners, including business process management firm Appian, the news source explained.

John Sepulveda, the VA's assistant secretary for human resources and administration, told the Washington Post the new career center will allow veterans to overcome some of the primary barriers that get between them and finding a job that fits their experience.

"One of the things that these veterans encounter is a very significant barrier of trying to translate their military experience and skills and credentials ... into civilian speak," Sepulveda told the news source. "The individual applicant gets matched to specific occupations that he or she might be most qualified for, [then] jobs begin to be identified that are available."

The report explained that the program has already seen wide adoption, with approximately 34,000 veterans already involved in the career counseling. Furthermore, all of these individuals not only have the chance to upload their resumes, they can also connect with a career coach to get help finding the right position for them.

Another 7,200 veterans have uploaded their resumes into the new career center, where these documents are searchable, the news source said. This makes it much easier for recruiters and other interested parties to connect with veterans and identify individuals who have the expertise needed for certain jobs.

BPM for Governmentcan play a major role in projects of this nature, as the technology helps integrate various data feeds and technological systems to turn them into process-level results. In the case of a program like the VA's, the solution can take data from a variety of sources, ranging from resumes, social media sites and information updated from mobile devices and similar systems, and turn it into actionable information. This provides the data integration necessary to allow the program to flourish.