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Shifting IT climate pointing to importance of BPM software

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
December 28, 2012

Cloud and mobile solutions are gaining prominence in the enterprise, establishing a foundation upon which organizations can use technology to support strategic and operational growth. A recent report said the maturation of cloud technologies in the enterprise will likely lead to major changes in 2013, with the focus on collaboration, service delivery and better alignment between IT and corporate operations.

As companies strive to shift their focus toward new goals, getting technology to align with day-to-day operations can present major challenges. Business process management software can establish the foundation that organizations need to meet these difficulties head on and overcome them by aligning IT systems and end-user applications with day-to-day processes.

Using the cloud to foster collaboration and service delivery

The news source explained that as corporate cloud plans continue to evolve, there is a growing need to focus on service delivery models within an organization. This combines with a growing need for internal collaboration and effective partnerships with third-party providers to create an environment in which improved processes play a key role in enabling organizations to make the most of the cloud.

With these type of operational goals in place, one of the most important things companies have to consider is how they are going to align diverse cloud solutions with internal IT systems and processes. BPM software plays an important role in this process, as the technology not only provides integration in the back office, it also presents data and applications to end users in such a way that the information aligns with processes.

Using BPM to make the most of the cloud

As organizations invest more resources in the cloud, they face a growing integration and process automation challenge. While cloud computing is largely billed as a revolutionary technology that allows IT to align with business functionality, the cloud needs to be supported to achieve those ends. When cloud deployments get complex, companies often have to deal with a significant number of applications coming from multiple third-party and internal sources. Further, these solutions are generally delivered through a web platform and are interoperable with a variety of device types. As a result, integrating solutions and using them to support day-to-day processes can present major challenges.

BPM solutions provide the capabilities needed to overcome these difficulties. In particular, they ensure that applications and data are delivered in a way that streamlines business functionality and does not detract from it.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing