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Mobility Progress and Best Practices in the Federal Government

Alena Davis, Appian
August 8, 2012

Spurred by the White House's groundbreaking mobile strategy for the federal government, agencies are looking to take their cues from the private sector and become more agile and effective. Excitement is high, but there are many questions that need answers: what are the best practices for implementing mobility? What are the major hurdles to overcome? And how does security play into all of this? Recently, Appian had the pleasure of participating in FederalNewsRadio's Mobility In Government - "Progress & Best Practices" roundtable, which discussed those very questions.

The roundtable featured prestigious government panelists from the U.S. Air Force, DISA, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, along with industry partners Appian, Citrix, and Sourcefire. The panel showcased mobile best practices throughout the government, as well as the importance of public-private partnerships to help solve mission programs. Each agency took a turn discussing their strategies, specific benefits, security concerns, challenges, and visions. The strategies and benefits were as diverse as the agencies themselves, but all of the panelists agreed: mobile is the way of the future. The whole program may be viewed in a YouTube playlist.

VP of Federal Sales for Appian, Chris O'Connell, talked about Appian's mobile vision: enabling agencies to perform their mission more effectively. For example, Chris cited VA for Vets' ground-breaking program, which enables reintegration of soldiers back into the workforce. Appian supports VA job fairs with a mobile application for the iPad. Chris also touched on the General Services' Administration's public building service, which is planning to use mobile technology across all federal buildings around the country, managing leasing and other processes. The benefit of mobile is that it can support a wide range of applications that can be deployed quickly and collaboratively.

Chris wrapped up his segment with Appian's approach to mobile development. He said, "Appian works directly with mobile manufacturers and with working groups in the DoD and other federal agencies. The Appian BPM Suite is natively deployed across multiple platforms because there's no way of knowing what device a user might want to bring to the job, or what device may win out in the end. We want to be prepared to support any platform an agency might use." View Chris' portion of the program at YouTube.

Appian is proud to support agencies' efforts to mobilize. Learn more about our Mobile BPM solutions, and our work with the Federal Government.

Alena Callaghan

Web Marketing Manager

Alena Callaghan