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Matt Calkins on Worksocial: The difference between "facilitating awareness" and "getting work done'"

Ben Farrell
September 27, 2012

Our CEO Matt Calkins recently spoke with Dan Woods, technology author and editor at CITO Research, about what truly matters in Social Business, and the crucial differences between "enterprise social" platforms and Appian's worksocial platform. I'll just whet your appetite with a few quotes. You can read the full Q&A here.

"The [enterprise social] tools you mention just facilitate awareness. That is of value, but probably in the long run it's a feature, not a product. This is a great way to be aware, but the question remains: what are we communicating? What are we collaborating on?"

"Sometimes it's the absence of change that you need to know about. Sometimes it's gears turning inside the business deep beneath the surface, and there isn't a chattering individual to tell you that that gear has changed. You've just got to be integrated. You've got to be wired into that process and knowledgeable of how the business is integrating with itself."

"In order to do work really well, you need a combination of structure and improvisation. You'll never be able to take your automation down to the most granular level because it'll crush people's individual contributions, and it takes an enormous amount of work to diagram the way you behave down to that level...Instead, the process layer hovers a little bit above the bottom and improvisation complements that on the ground at the point of action."

Learn more about how Appian has combined 13 years of work automation expertise with innovations in social business and enterprise mobility. Learn more about worksocial.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell