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Innovate & Accelerate with Worksocial - An Enterprise Social Software

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
September 21, 2012

The speed of market and technology change is accelerating. The need to deliver flexible, modern enterprise solutions to business users is greater than ever. There are more ways to get work done, but there are even more distractions for workers. Providing just the right business context and information to encourage participation and promote accountability is the key to manage the volume and velocity of work.

As the leading innovator in enterprise social software, Appian has helped clients around the world solve mission-critical IT and business challenges. Appian's vision is to provide the best of enterprise work automation and social software solutions. Companies should not have to choose and bridge the divide between these applications.

Appian's software platform combines proven expertise in business process management with industry-leading innovations in social collaboration, enterprise mobility, and portable on-premise/cloud deployment. The result is a more modern way to get work done in the enterprise that is social, seamless, and simple for workers. Access all the essential news, tasks, records, reports, and actions - in one environment, on any device, through a simple social interface.


Appian has taken the world's leading process platform and added social and mobile functionality to bring you worksocial software. Our award-winning BPM platform for business process automation provides the foundation for enterprise work. Industry-leading innovations in social collaboration, native mobile access, zero-code composition, 100% web-based architecture, and portable cloud or on-premise deployment are making work more social by allowing more people to see, engage and take action. Key enterprise social software features from Appian include:

    • News: Stay informed of key business events with a real-time activity stream. Receive system alerts, critical escalations, and user generated company updates - all in one intuitive interface.

    • Tasks: Receive, track and complete assigned work tasks across all applications. Manage tasks from a mobile device, share and collaborate on tasks as a group, and access them in the cloud.

    • Records: Access key business records across multiple processes, applications, databases, repositories, and systems in one interface to increase productivity and visibility.

    • Reports: View real-time analytics, monitor business activities, and manage performance indicators to have visibility into what's at work and what's coming.

    • Actions: Initiate processes across multiple applications by simply clicking on an action and completing the form. Execute complex work logics, business rules, data lookups and validation behind the scene while making it easy for workers to do their job.


Companies and government agencies around the world rely on Appian to improve how they work, optimize their business, and automate critical processes. Appian provides the enterprise platform to drive better business decisions, actions and results to improve how work gets done in a collaborative and social environment. Leverage social enterprise software, mobile innovations, transform your business, and gain real business value with Appian. Bring work into the realm of social technology. Start with worksocial today.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng