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Go Mobile - And Take Your Data With You!

Alena Davis, Appian
October 17, 2012

This week the Appian Center of Excellence (CoE) is releasing the first in a series of case studies focused on mobile enablement. Over the next several months we'll highlight proven strategies and techniques to design or enhance your business applications to leverage the power of Appian's worksocial capabilities on a mobile device. With scenarios pulled from common customer use cases and design approaches based on Appian best-practices, these case studies will have you "going mobile" in no time!

In this first case study, we look at a financial services company that wants to enhance their existing Appian CRM application by providing mobile access to data shown on dashboards in the Apps Portal interface. Asset managers carry iPads when meeting with clients and want the ability to pull up relevant data from backend systems, including:

    • Client name and contact details

    • Account history

    • Asset details

    • Rule-based up-sell/cross-sell opportunities

The proposed design approach gives asset managers the ability to call up a "mobile client dashboard" using an on-demand action. A sequence of mobile-enabled forms allows an asset manager to view customer data pulled directly from backend systems and sales opportunities generated by an integrated rules engine. Appian's robust mobile capabilities also allow the manager to add the ability to take action on an account or initiate an opportunity directly from the device.

Download the full case study from Appian Forum and start using mobile dashboards in your application today! (If you don't have a Forum account, it is easy to sign up, and open to anyone).

Jacob Rank, Principal Consultant, Appian Center of Excellence