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Geographic diversity making IT services vital in natural resources sector

Ben Farrell
October 2, 2012

The inherent nature of the natural resources industry forces businesses to establish themselves in a variety of locations around the world. With IT services becoming more important in the sector, the need forsolutions that unify data sets to improve operations grows.

Importance of IT services in natural resources industry

According to a recent release from Dimension Data, the rise of cloud computing and IT outsourcing services is creating an environment in which businesses are dependent on third-party IT solutions. Organizations in the natural resources sector are especially reliant on such systems because the geographical spread of raw materials creates a broad business model.

Bruce Taylor, natural resources lead for Dimension Data Middle East and Africa explained that natural resources organizations can use IT services to improve operational agility. As they do so, they have to connect data and systems from a variety of solutions spread around the world.

Dealing with geographic realities

Raw materials are found throughout the world. Natural resources companies need to have IT and communications systems in place that enable service delivery to myriad locations. The news source said this is leading to more outsourcing for non-core IT functions within the industry. Furthermore, remote support services are also gaining prominence because companies not only need diverse service models, they also need to be able to manage them effectively.

BPM's role

In such a complex environment, businesses have to deal with operations technology, IT, communications infrastructure, cloud applications, mobile solutions and social media. Balancing these solutions without having data get in the way of business operations can be a major challenge. BPM software for utilitiesworks to resolve this issue by presenting companies with a way to integrate data from a wide range of sources.

For example, an oil and gas company depending on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico that connects to a pipeline running through Texas to a refinery has to deal with a variety of technological solutions on the way. Specialized OT equipment at the rig transmits data to one data center, while another may track information from sensors on the pipeline and another handles refining activities. IT equipment may then be used throughout a regional distribution cycle. BPM can align the data from these systems and ensure employees are able to use data to improve customer service and day-to-day operations.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications