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Customer story on warranty service emphasizes need for BPM

Ben Farrell
September 26, 2012

One of the benefits offered by business process management software is the ability to provide better customer services. This is accomplished through data integration and process automation capabilities that enable service desk workers to give customers prompt and useful answers to their questions and help them in the most efficient way possible.

A recent customer story published on eBizQ showcases the importance of having the technologies in place to integrate diverse data sets in order to help consumers more effectively. The story details an incident involving an air conditioning customer in Texas who experienced a unit failure in the middle of summer. This represented a major problem as temperatures rise substantially in Texas.

According to the news source, the customer had a warranty that covered parts for free, but required the consumer to pay for the service call. After the call was made, it was expected that the air conditioning company would be coming out the next day to make the repair, though no official confirmation was involved. Almost a week later, the customer called the company again only to find that one of the parts needed for the job was still being shipped and the organization had no way to predict when the part would arrive.

This incident led to a highly dissatisfied customer, the report said, as the expectation was that the air conditioning company would recognize the importance of having air conditioning available in such a hot climate and rush the order. If that was not possible, however, the individual hoped that the company would at least have a tracking system available so it could tell the client when the part would arrive. With none of this data present, the customer left the service call with more questions than answers and plenty of frustration.

BPM software can help companies avoid these kinds of problems by helping them make the most of the technology that is available to them. Through process automation and data integration, it can enable customer service representative to quickly and easily gain access to the data they need to concisely respond to consumer questions, enabling them to operate in a much more client-focused way. Furthermore, BPM can enable a customer-centric approach throughout the organization, which can lead to major service gains.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications