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Cloud's diverse nature can be harnessed by BPM software

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
November 5, 2012

Cloud computing is a technology that can be difficult for companies to use effectively. The challenge with the cloud is not so much that it is inherently complex, it is that the cloud is so diverse. Many cloud options are complex, and businesses have to carefully mix and match solutions to meet their operational needs. However, organizations that do not understand the variety that is inherent in the cloud marketplace often invest in systems that do not work well for their needs, setting themselves up for major problems in the future.

According to a recent Wired report, most businesses will use the cloud in some form in the relatively near future. As a result, it is vital that organizations begin analyzing the different types of clouds that are available and match their operational needs with the right cloud model.

Considering the various cloud options

The news source explained that cloud computing is much like real clouds in terms of how people often think of them. Most individuals tend to think about clouds as the white puffy things that drift through the sky on do not know much about them. Similarly, many businesses look at cloud computing and only consider the core definition as the broad example of what the cloud does. The problem with this model is that in meteorology there are actually lots of different types of clouds, and they all behave differently.. Technology is the same way.

Organizations that take a blanket approach to the cloud often set themselves up for less-than-stellar results because they do not consider the nuances of the technology and the ways in which different types of clouds affect operations. The report explained that each type of cloud can be used to great effect when deployed well. As a result, businesses working to implement the technology often get the best results when they truly understand what they want to get out of the solution and work to properly match these goals with the right cloud model.

Importance of integration

As companies recognize the diversity that the cloud offers, they also have to consider how to use multiple cloud solutions in concert. This makes integration a key part of operations. Business process management software can provide vital support in this area, as it uses process automation along with integration functions to ensure that various cloud, mobile and social solutions work well together and share data in streamlined ways.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing