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Business process management to be awarded for excellence

Ben Farrell
November 29, 2012

Business process management (BPM) is not a technology to be trifled with, which is why Gartner is currently accepting nominations for its 2012 BPM Excellence Awards. Enterprises around the globe use BPM to enhance their processes, making them potential candidates for Gartner's competition. Gartner awards organizations that effectively use BPM technology in a number of categories, including the best outcome from BPM, the best initiative and general use of the technology. The global competition's award nomination deadline is December 14, 2012.

BPM hits the mainstream

According to CRN, BPM is making headway as a mainstream technology in India, alongside business intelligence (BI), big data analytics and cloud computing initiatives. All of these technologies improve the scope of IT as solutions continue to evolve.

Vendors are working to develop advanced options for organizations that are ready to make transitions, the news source reported. Aligning business processes with the desire of customers and clients can help optimize management, which is why the technology is catching on. BPM's ability to increase customer satisfaction, innovation and technological integration are all reasons why it is attractive. Integrating human activity with IT departments can help any business run more smoothly.

Implement BPM with care

Implementing a new BPM solution is harder than it seems According to Scott Cleveland, a contributor to EBiz, change is often met with resistance in the enterprise. Because of this, customization of user interface and careful deployment of new software solutions is essential to success. Cleveland reported that there is usually a contingent of people who are unwilling to learn about new software solutions, creating problems for enterprises. IT decision-makers should address this issue to ensure that a transition to BPM can go well.

CEOs, CIOs and other enterprise decision-makers are constantly looking for ways to better processes in their organizations, which is why many turn to BPM, business intelligence and big data analytics. As vendors continue to improve offerings, leaders are advised to choose carefully, getting employees on board with new software deployments. Those who have successfully deployed solutions can consider entering Gartner's contest before December 14.