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BPM software vital as oil and gas companies become more dependent on IT

Ben Farrell
October 10, 2012

How businesses use technology to support operations is beginning to change. Industries that have typically been dependent on highly specialized solutions are increasingly engaging with more traditional IT tools that are commonly used in the enterprise sector. This is evident in the rise of industrial Ethernet, smart grid deployments and other trends that show IT solutions interact with specialized technologies.

This trend is also becoming apparent in the oil and gas industry, creating an environment in which business process management software is becoming more important.

Growing role of IT systems in the oil and gas market

Oil and gas companies are seeing this dependence on traditional IT systems first hand. For example, a pipeline delivering raw materials to refineries and similar destinations, can have sensors placed that identify the environmental conditions that may put materials at risk. These systems can also provide insight into any maintenance-related issues that may come up along the line, accelerating repair processes and reducing costs.

However, getting this kind of system to work involves a combination of fiber-optic cabling infrastructure, adapters that connect this infrastructure to Ethernet systems and databases where the information gathered can be stored. Applications are also needed to provide an interface that allows workers to analyze the data effectively.

Importance of BPM

In many cases, oil and gas companies have to send materials hundreds, or possibly thousands, of miles. With sensors strategically placed along the pipeline, organizations can be dealing with thousands of monitors sending data to users every few minutes. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of information, with much of it not being relevant to operations.

This is one area where BPM softwarefor energy and utilities can pay dividends for oil and gas companies. The software can automatically sort through the data and make repeatable decisions about information, while having the other data be sent directly to the appropriate employees through cloud, mobile and social channels when appropriate. This ensures that the technology that has been put in place enables organizations to improve operations and get an return on investment.

In industries, like oil and gas, where IT systems are becoming popular despite years of depending on specialized solutions, BPM can help organizations more efficiently use IT solutions and get the most from the technology.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications