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BPM can alleviate economic pressure

Ben Farrell
October 15, 2012

Businesses are facing incredible pressure from an economy that is recovering slowly. While the global economy gradually rises, many economic experts fear that a flash crash or issues in the European market will set the world into a second recession. The current state of the world's markets is such that many companies are working to get as much done using as little as possible. This protects them against a second recession because it makes them more financially responsible and flexible.

As more organizations work to improve their financial efficiency, many are turning to IT solutions that help generate a return on investment, even though it sometimes means they have to spend money on new systems.

BPM's role in a technology-focused marketplace

The ability to use strategic IT to create financial and operational gains is widely considered one of the greatest motivators behind the cloud computing, mobile and big data movements. But companies working to implement these innovative solutions have to consider how they will impact end users. While the potential gains are incredible, there are also risks. Implementing business process management software systems can help maximize the benefits while limiting, if not removing, the risks.

When companies work with cloud applications, support mobile device use or enable big data systems, they have to account for the fact that employees are now constantly connected to work services. This can prove immensely beneficial from an efficiency and flexibility standpoint. However, it also means that business-related data collection escalates exponentially, especially when social media is part of the equation. If this information is not handled effectively on a process level, it can overwhelm workers and turn the flexibility and productivity offered by technology into a deluge of information that leaves workers in a quagmire of spreadsheets, databases and complex applications.

Using BPM software to alleviate risk

As economic pressure pushes businesses to invest in strategic technologies, it is vital that organizations remove as much risk as possible. This not only helps workers, but can improve the return on investment. BPM software can enable companies to automate many of the data-related processes that can bog employees down when they try to use various cloud, social and mobile applications, freeing them to make the most of big data and use broad technological resources to improve their day-to-day operations.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications