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Australian In-Country Hosting for Appian Cloud? Check!

Ben Farrell
November 14, 2012

We announced on Monday that Appian's customers in Australia now have more options for their BPM deployments, thanks to our close partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The minute AWS turned on its new Service Region in Australia, Appian Cloud was up and running. We were ready right out of the gate because AWS gave our cloud team early access to the environment for pre-testing to ensure Appian Cloud deployments would perform optimally.

This is big news for a region where we have already found tremendous on-premise BPM software demand. With the addition of single-digit millisecond latency to end-users and the ability to store data locally in Australia, we expect our partnership with AWS will help lead an explosion of local Cloud BPM activity.

According to an August press release from Gartner, the BPM software market in Australia will hit $63 million (AUD) this year (10% growth over 2011). The research firm states that, "technologies offering transformational benefits will drive further growth in BPM, such as social software, mobility and cloud computing."

Appian, of course, is at the fore-front in all three of those transformational areas. Our worksocial platform marries work automation with native mobility on all popular devices and a zero-training social interface. That single interface can surface data and events from all of your underlying enterprise systems - and you can take business action on those systems right from the same interface. Worksocial provides a unique set of capabilities, and it is delivered in a unique manner as well. Our Portable Cloud infrastructure architecture gives customers the freedom to migrate their entire Appian deployment between on-premise and cloud. With Appian, your data - and as importantly, your application logic - is never trapped in the cloud.

And now our Australian customers can take full advantage of Appian's power and flexibility. For more information, contact our Australia-New Zealand regional headquarters at +61 (0)2 9258 1928, or

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell