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Tablet Choices and Mobile BPM

Ben Farrell
July 25, 2011

Working for most organizations is Non-Stop-Round-The-Clock-Can't-Slow-Down-Long-Enough-To-Get-A-Diet-Coke. Mobile only begins to explain how a growing number of companies and government agencies work. And the tools we use to get things done are becoming more vital than ever, from the tablet computer you use to do your job to the mobile BPM software you use... to do your job.

It's worth taking a look at how tablet devices are evaluated in the market to understand the work changes happening in light of their proliferation. Recently, John Breedan II of Government Computer News reviewed the Motion Computing F5v Tablet PC. He called it, "a perfect little computer for medical stations and other places where records need to be looked up on the go but where portability is still an issue." I wouldn't limit that statement to any specific type of work; it happens everywhere.

The Apple iPad 2 review in PC Magazine touts the "slimmer design and faster processing" ñ meaning it's easy to cart around and can do more real work. Mobile work is much more than merely info retrieval. It requires two-way integration with back-end systems, the ability to take action on critical decisions, and real-time, contextual collaboration.

These tablets are important for anyone looking to get more done faster. Our native-mobile BPM software allows business users of all levels to utilize full-featured process applications that keep them connected to critical business processes. Our software works on every major mobile platform and includes rich collaboration, mobile forms and task approval, notifications, and enterprise security to support true enterprise mobility needs.

But the software no matter how great it is still needs hardware. Picking the right tools for your company or agency is no small task. If you are not checking these sites already, you should be for the latest reviews on the latest products:


PC Magazine



Appian works with all the best mobile devices, so pick the tool that works for you, and our software will make it sing!

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications