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Mobile BPM Just Got Better

Ben Farrell
June 29, 2011

The reason there's so much discussion of mobile BPM on this blog is because Appian is the only vendor delivering full-function, native mobile BPM applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, RIM Blackberry and Google Android devices. Our focus on enterprise mobility, and our ability to bring it to market more quickly than anyone else, is further proof of our innovation leadership in the industry.

And guess what? Our mobile BPM just got even better.

Today we announced significant enhancements that make it even easier for organizations to tap the full power of enterprise mobility. A big one is Mobile Image and Document Capture. Let's say you've got a burst pipe at your house. There's water damage, and repairs that need to be made, and you want your insurance company to cover it. With Appian, you can now snap a couple photos, submit them through your company's Appian mobile BPM app, and have them flow directly into a claim process, including any required web forms. No waiting for the insurance adjuster to come to your house, fill out paperwork, go back to office and input it into back-end systems and then wait for a response. On the flip-side, an adjuster armed with mobile BPM can do the same when on-site evaluating a claim or inspecting completed repairs.

Or maybe you work for an energy company, and your job is facilities inspection. When you encounter an issue, it's the same deal. Snap a photo, which is automatically fed into your enterprise maintenance process.

The new possibilities for improving claims, customer service, healthcare delivery and many types of dynamic case management, and more are virtually unlimited.

Another area we have enhanced is Mobile Security. Mobile apps delivered on the Appian BPM Suite ensure safe and secure mobile participation in critical business processes. Appian's mobile BPM features secure network communication and authentication, encrypted local data storage, and remote account disablement in the event of a lost or stolen device. Read our Mobile Security white paper for more about this important topic.

Just one more example of making mobile work for business: we now offer Private-Label Branding. Appian provides private-labeled distributions of the native client applications in the public application stores for each mobile platform, or through private distribution to enterprise devices. Appian's private-labeled versions provide all the same features to access enterprise business processes, with a user experience that is entirely branded to the customer or partner organization.

Innovative. Safe and secure. Driving value for your organization and its brand. That's what Appian's mobile BPM is all about. Contact us to learn more about how we can mobile-enable your enterprise processes and applications.

Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications