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Megatrends: BPM Software meets Mobile, Cloud and Social

Appian Contributor
August 4, 2011

A good indication of where organizations are making technology investments comes from looking at their job postings., a search engine that aggregates job postings across a large number of employer and recruiting sites,has a nifty job trends' feature that tracks the growth of specific keywords being used.

A search for the keyword bpm' shows a 450% increase, since January 2005, in its use in job postings. This aligns with the widely experienced growth of the BPM software market and Gartner's recent predictionabout increasing BPM spending in 2011.

Also according to, nine of the top ten fastest-growing job posting keywords relate to Mobile, Social or Cloud technologies (if you consider that HTML5 and jQuery also relate to mobile web apps). Note that the scale changes depending on the keyword.

Mobile, Social and Cloud are clearly the hottest areas where organizations are finding value and making investments. It corroborates what we are experiencing in the BPM market, which is a convergence of BPM with these three megatrends. We've found that Mobile BPM, Cloud BPM, and Social BPM are starting to become key drivers of multi-channel and cross-functionalBPM software projects.

On a related note, if you're looking to work at the forefront ofMobile BPM,Cloud BPMand Social BPM, consider joining Appian. Our top-notch development teams continue to build world-class capabilities in all these areas into our BPM software. Our BPM practitioners are also gaining unparalleled experience and success leveraging these capabilities in their BPM projects. Job opportunity details arehere.

Finally, for a sobering comparison, I searched for cobol'. It's not surprising that this has been trending sharply downward, though I can't account for the precipitous drop in early 2009.

- Sid Nazareth, Director, Solutions Strategy