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Building Businesses - Yours and Ours - on Mobile, Cloud and Social BPM Software

Ben Farrell
October 18, 2011

Last week, we announced some very exciting stats about Appian's success in Q3 2011 and for the year-to-date. It was our best quarter ever, and we've seen a 208% increase in product orders from 62 new customers so far in the year (compared to the same period last year). BPM software is a good business to be in right now, but our success is out-stripping the rest of the market for one reason: our dedication to innovation.

Mobile BPM is changing how and where organizations get work done, while it knocks down barriers to include executives, partners and customers in process. In combination with Social BPM, it's creating new opportunities for customer engagement and brand-building. Cloud BPM is fundamentally changing the relationship between IT and the business. Innovative BPM is providing a complete platform that gives CIOs and their teams new economies of scale in application creation and delivery, while it unifies an enterprise that is fractured across divergent operating systems, applications and devices.

That last point is crucial. More than any other vendor, Appian is advancing BPM to meet the challenges faced by today's CIO.

One example: Crawford & Company, the world's largest independent claims management provider, had previously launched an Appian cloud application in the UK. The success of that project drew the attention of Brian Flynn, Crawford's Global CIO, who saw Appian as a way to radically alter the way Crawford develops software applications. Crawford signed a global enterprise deal with us in Q3, with Brian stating: "The Appian BPM Suite, with its mobile and social capabilities, is truly an enabler that will change the way we work with our business partners and ultimately how we service our clients. Initially, we will use it to drive operational efficiencies, but ultimately we will use it to help us develop new services and solutions."

We know first-hand what he's talking about because we run virtually our entire organization on the Appian BPM Suite. We use both on-premise and cloud instances of Appian across our Finance, HR, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Support and Legal departments. Every Appian employee uses our Appian-branded native mobile app. Our executive leadership team in particular uses mobile BPM to stay informed and speed decision-making in the office and on the road. Regardless of location, they have transparency into operational performance and the ability to take quick business action.

You can hear a lot more about how we and our customers are pushing the boundaries of BPM at our Appian World 2012 conference (April 15-17). More on the conference to come, but in the meantime check out the agenda, mark your calendar and register today.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications