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BPM Software and Secure Processing in the Mobile Age

Ben Farrell
July 13, 2011

Movement towards the mobile enterprise is gaining momentum based on the clear business value afforded by better leveraging today's increasingly disconnected and on-the-go workforce. However, mobility poses serious concerns for enterprise IT; security being chief among them. Mobile BPM applications delivered on our BPM software ensure safe and secure mobile participation in critical business processes. We have a new white paper that explains how.

Mobile devices are providing consumers with a level of connectivity (to friends, co-workers, communities of interest, and data) that has never been achieved by PC desktops. Mobile computing processors are now practically on par with many PC Desktop/Laptop systems currently in use, utilizing dual-core processors and up to 1 gigabyte of memory. In addition, mobile devices are delivering features never obtained on a PC, such as: instant-on operating systems, extreme portability, low cost, and always-on Internet connectivity. Consumers are reacting to this surge in mobile innovation with an unprecedented boom in mobile device sales. IDC reported growth in mobile devices from 2009 to 2010 increased by 55% with more than 269.6 million devices shipped.

The benefits of mobile computing are clear: enhanced responsiveness, faster access to critical data, greater efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction. Despite this, many enterprise IT organizations remain slow to adopt an enterprise mobile strategy that goes beyond mere voice and email access. New challenges and requirements must be considered in the age of extremely portable and losable devices to ensure enterprise data is kept secure.

As enterprise IT professionals react to mobile adoption trends, they must evaluate and then mobile-develop applications that comply with a variety of security requirements, including:

1. Secure Network Communication

2. Secure Local Data Storage

3. Protection Against Malware

4. Secure Authentication

5. Remote Disablement

Read our white paper on "Secure Processing in the Mobile Age" to learn how Appian's BPM software platform delivers the cost-effective and secure entry to mobile IT that organizations need.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications