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Why Government is Turning to BPM for Acquisition Solutions

Appian Contributor
June 24, 2010

What are the biggest momentum-killers for any government acquisition and procurement project? If you guessed a) lack of a process-focused method, resulting in massive amounts of paper work and administrative overhead, and b) the need for more trained contracting officers in federal service, you are correct. And, if you also guessed lost savings, then you take the grand prize.

What is the grand prize? We'll talk more about that later in this post. But first, did you know that the federal government is a major driver of our economy that spends approximately $530 billion annually for a wide range of goods and services to meet mission needs? For the government to spend this money effectively, it requires a highly complex acquisition and procurement system that adheres to very strict regulations.

Historically, the procurement and acquisition process for government was mired in the "momentum-killers" highlighted earlier. This was further reinforced by a recent study highlighted in Government Executive Magazine that found that federal procurement managers estimate they can save up to $158 billion annually by implementing more efficient acquisition processes and stronger program management training.

But the tides are turning. We are seeing government embrace Business Process Management (BPM) acquisition solutions (versus COTS) in order to gain process transparency, react quickly to change and improve process efficiency; thereby allowing federal purchasing organizations to successfully enhance the entire procurement lifecycle. Leading BPM Acquisition Management solutions provide:

1) a single, web-based offering for everyone from customers and contracting personnel to finance and vendors;

2) secure information sharing across multiple domains and functional areas;

3) easy compliance with the numerous Federal Acquisition Regulations - freeing up resources and accurately guiding less senior contracting personnel through an agencies unique procurement processes.

So, what is the grand prize? The simple fact of knowing and understanding that BPM is the new frontier for effective government procurement and acquisition, and the time and expenses it can save is the ultimate grand prize that is worth its weight in gold.

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