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Uniting Process Architecture and Execution - Whitepaper

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
March 25, 2010

At Appian, we've seen a growing interest in the market to unite traditional Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysismodeling(EA/BPA) with executable BPM diagrams. Despite consolidation in the market between EA/BPA tools and BPM execution frameworks, the historical results of integration have been poor, with disjointed development, to much "Lost in Translation", and a lack of true round-trip exchange of models between the platforms.

Bruce Silver has released a new whitepaperthat discusses this needto unite the EA/BPA and BPM tools in your enterprise. It's a great read if your an enterprise architect looking to understand how to connect your architecture to your BPM initiatives. And if your a BPM expert, the whitepaper highlights the importance and benefits by uniting your BPM project with the larger view of EA/BPA modeling.

Appian and Mega have been working hard to provide customers with a seamless integrationbetween these worlds that enhanceyour enterpriseprocess improvement initiative. The Appian/Megaintegration provides a seamless transition from Mega EA/BPA modeling to the Appian BPM execution engine and allows analytics and process changes implementedcaptured Appian to be re-imported into the Mega EA/BPA platform, ensuring your enterprise documentation and execution frameworks are always in-line.

Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management