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There is a Cure for the "Summer Time Blues:" Enhancing Agency Productivity Year-Round

Ben Farrell
July 14, 2010

Remember when both the business and government worlds slowed down during the summer? Yeah, neither do we. While summer is a time for many to plan personal vacations and much-needed time off, it is actually a time for government agencies to continue their efforts to maintain maximum productivity.

In addition, as we learned from yesterday's Bisnow event, "Hottest Trends in Diplomacy and Democracy," the summer is a critical spending time for government. Stay tuned for our exclusive video from this event.

Back to the topic of government productivity. As we have been highlighting on this blog, Business Process Management (BPM) is playing a critical role in helping government be more efficient and effective. One key element to remember is that BPM allows for the automation of complex processes and the provision of real-time access to critical information and applications that drive significant, measurable improvements in productivity.

From a Human Resources perspective, BPM enables federal HR departments to accelerate the hiring process, and acquire the talent needed for government projects to be fully maximized. On the Project Management side of things BPM delivers the active project management, process visibility, documentation audit trails, and collaboration capabilities needed to meet aggressive roll-out schedules for urgent federal program deployments.

Allowing for the quick on-boarding of the right talent married with cutting-edge project management tools, BPM provides the perfect solution that will allow any government agency to meet and exceed productivity goals ñ even in the dog days of summer!