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The Human Face of Case Management

Ben Farrell
September 22, 2010

We have talked quite a lot about Dynamic Case Management (DCM) in this blog. But I want to take a brief step back from the academic and technical discussions, because I have been struck by how often "case" actually means "person." It means patients in medical and healthcare; students and teachers in education; plaintiffs and defendants in legal; voter constituents in government; and the list goes on.

I don't want to get too "touchy-feely," but it does seem that in this context, DCM technologies offer something more intrinsically valuable than other enterprise IT. In these sorts of scenarios, case management is fundamentally about how well an individual is treated, cared for or supported during what can be very important ñ and very trying ñ personal experiences.

A fantastic example of this is how Pinnacle People is using BPM-based case management to help unemployed people in the U.K. get back to work.

Pinnacle People is the prime contractor to the U.K.'s Department of Work and Pensions for a program called JobCentre Plus, providing employment-focused training programs and direct placement for 4,000 people a month. While his sort of thing is needed now more than ever (unfortunately), government-sponsored programs are not famous for their "personal touch."

Unemployment can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. Matt Brook, Pinnacle People's Head of Finance and Infrastructure, built the company from the ground up with a commitment to address the human element of its contracted mission. Using a case management approach ensures the highest degree of quality in personalized and responsive service for the organization's beneficiaries. It reduces bureaucratic friction, which is the last thing someone on the hunt for work should have to deal with. And it provides the visibility and reporting data Pinnacle People needs to continuously innovate its offerings and improve its operations.

Neil Ward-Dutton at MWD Advisors has published an excellent case study on how Pinnacle People has embraced the human face of case management. You can read it here.

Ben Farrell, Director of Corporate Communications