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Making BPM Mobile

Ben Farrell
April 28, 2010

Today's organizations are increasingly decentralized with remote, always-connected workforces. The trend towards alternative workplace structures has been spurred by recent economic uncertainty and will accelerate due to "generation Y" demands for greater work/life balance. At the same time, the pervasive connectivity of the Internet has created a consumer culture for which "anytime, anywhere" access is the basic expectation. For organizations to compete effectively, retain talent,and meet this new level of customer expectation, business applications must adapt to the new rules of how work is done on-the-move. In this arena, BPM sits front-and-center.

Medhat Galal, director of Appian's Center of Excellence, has written a great article that lays out the argument. Mobile BPM is essential for empowering field operations, while maintaining process and data integrity throughout your business - and meeting evolving customer demands. Appian is blazing the trail here, as evidenced by the industry thought-leadership demonstrated in Medhat's article. We are committed to doing for process what Google has done for information: making it accessible, real-time and useable no matter where you are.

-Ben Farrell, director of Corporate Communications