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How to Effectively Execute in the Cloud

Ben Farrell
July 29, 2010

As cloud computing continues to gain traction in the federal sector and beyond, it is important to note that the most critical benefit of the cloud, especially when it comes to Business Process Management (BPM), is to help agencies execute more effectively.

More specifically, BPM in the cloud allows any government agency to meet demands for cost reduction, transparency and accountability ñ all key goals for the Obama Administration. Agencies are embracing the "effectiveness revolution" when it comes to BPM in the cloud for the following reasons:

    • It's Low Cost: Government agencies can benefit from a complete BPM Suite that allows them to gain control over critical processes, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, at low subscription pricing.

    • It's Low Risk: Agencies are exposed to less risk since the BPM solution is hosted in a secure environment.

    • It's High Value: Agencies can quickly build and deploy process-based applications that offer the flexibility and control necessary to deliver improved efficiency and transparency.

Beyond these core benefits, BPM in the cloud allows federal agencies to better execute on key functions including case management, human resources, acquisition/procurement, grants management and micro-purchasing.

We don't want to tip our hats too much to some exciting news, but stay tuned for an exciting podcast on BetterGov blog about a major federal agency giving the Appian Anywhere solution a key stamp of approval. See, it's not only us who thinks BPM in the cloud is changing government for the better!