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Guest Blog: BPM Solutions For Government Agencies

Appian Contributor
September 2, 2010

The BetterGov Editors are on vacation. In the meantime, please enjoy this guest blog from Y. Tilden.

Every industry can benefit from the automation and process improvement offered by business process management. Government agencies are no different.

If fact, the need for BPM may be greatest in government agencies, which run on taxpayer dollars and often suffer from reliance on disparate legacy IT systems. The most important aspects of a business process management solution for any government agency are the automation of complex processes and the provisioning of real-time access to critical information and applications. This is especially true for agencies with employees in different buildings across the city, state, or country. Focus on these areas drives significant, measurable improvements in productivity and work quality.

Government agencies of differing type, and the numerous departments within each of those agencies, require business process management solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, but these needs are often based on certain commonalities. Typical BPM solutions for government cover areas such as acquisition management, case management, incident tracking, compliance initiatives, service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based application development, and more. The knowledge and services expertise of the BPM software vendor can play a crucial role in determining project success.

To learn more about the high level solutions and the benefits of BPM for government agencies, go online. There, you can find information dedicated to BPM for Government, and learn more about how top companies work with government agency customers. Located just minutes from Washington, DC, Appian has built an unrivaled reputation in delivering powerful, easy-to-use, and high return-on-investment BPM solutions for government.

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